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ACO Spotlight Series
Market-specific insight and implication dashboard
The ACO Spotlight Series provides clear, powerful profiles of the ACO landscape across 87 MSAs. This series leverages HealthLeaders-InterStudy’s proprietary ACO database and experienced team of analysts to offer concise, market-specific snapshots.

Health Plan Data & Analysis
The Leading Source for Comprehensive Health Plan Intelligence
Event-driven analysis for all 50 states, data on hospital/health plan networks, forward-thinking insight into key managed care segments and emerging trends…as well as state-wide predictive analysis of health plan enrollment and benefit design

Market Overviews

A Look at the Major Healthcare Market Drivers in 87 of the Nation's Most Dynamic Metro Areas The only healthcare dynamics analysis that continuously examines all healthcare market drivers in a region to help industry professionals quickly gain market expertise.

National MCO Analyzer
In-Depth Intelligence on the Nation’s 11 Largest Managed Care Organizations
Get a big-picture view of the 11 largest national insurers’ corporate strategies, key markets and plan designs. Each report includes market analysis, along with a forecast of opportunities and challenges for a plan in the year ahead; competitive analysis outlining a managed care organization’s strengths, challenges and opportunities; and plan dashboard providing national enrollment mix and trends.


The NEW Organized Customer Group Navigator
Segment  |  Profile  |  Understand  |  Leverage
The NEW Organized Customer Group Navigator maps out the web of power, influence, and connections among U.S. payers, providers, hospitals, and ACOs. It is the first and only online dashboard to allow quick, clear visualization of relationships across the healthcare landscape—from a national level to a local view.

NEW PatientFinder
Scope the Untreated Patient Opportunity
By Geography  |  By Disease  |  By Covered Lives

A unique online tool that identifies and quantifies specific patient populations:

  • Assess market expansion potential at the national, state, and CBSA level
  • Allocate brand and sales resources with a clear view of where the greatest opportunity lies
  • Effortlessly identify cities with underserved patients that warrant a disease awareness campaign

Managed Market Surveyor-Rx
Identify Medical and Pharmacy Enrollment at National, State, MSA and County Levels
The most comprehensive and accurate medical and pharmacy benefit enrollment data by managed care organization and geography to better inform strategic planning and resource allocation.

Pharmacy Benefit Evaluator
Pharmacy Benefit Structure and Spending Assessment
This tool analyzes national and local health plans’ pharmacy benefit structure and the health plan-to-PBM relationship to better inform managed care sales strategy development.

Employer Vantage
Assess Health Benefits of the Largest U.S. Employers

This interactive database helps identify sales and partnership opportunities by connecting 3,500 of the largest U.S. employers (and their locations and subsidiaries), managed care organizations and pharmacy benefit managers.

Integrated Payer Platform
A Streamlined View of Health Plan Data, PBMs and Employer Health Benefits
Leveraging data from multiple HealthLeaders-InterStudy products, this platform provides a macro-understanding of the payer landscape that is essential for coordinating effective field strategies in the pharmaceutical industry. Integrated Payer Platform allows users to fully assess market opportunities and obstacles and minimize blind spots.



HealthLeaders-InterStudy Services

Get a Grip on Managed Care Trends
Learn how key players are reacting to the dynamic healthcare market and the ongoing reform.


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