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HealthLeaders-InterStudy periodically publishes special reports on healthcare topics of interest. Below is a listing of recently published white papers and executive briefings. Click on any of the titles to register to download the report.

Will Exchanges Avoid a Slump in Sophomore Year? What to Expect in 2015
December 2014

Hospital Consolidation: Key Implications and Markets to Watch in 2015
December 2014

Hospital Consolidation: A Different Route in 2014
November 2014

CO-OPs: Key Pieces of the Puzzle + The New Landscape They Create
August 2014

Medicaid Expansion: The "Dominoes" Continue to Fall
July 2014

CMS Medicare ACOs: Mixed Results in Year One Mean Opportunity for Pharma
April 2014

Health Exchange Takeaways and Predictions
April 2014

ACA Through the Lens of Data
March 2014

Healthcare Exchange Honor Roll & Delinquent List: February 2014 Update
February 2014

2014 In Focus: 7 Market Drivers to Watch in U.S. Managed Markets
February 2014

2014 In Focus: 7 Players to Watch in U.S. Managed Markets
February 2014

2014 In Focus: 7 Trends to Watch in U.S. Managed Markets
January 2014

Health Care Exchange Honor Roll & Delinquent List:
The Failures Outweigh The Fabulous

November 2013

Navigating hospital consolidation as healthcare reform unfolds: Success depends on unlocking market dynamics
November 2013

Arranging the Dominoes of Medicaid Expansion: 3 Key Takeaways for 2014 Strategy
October 2013

Can you hear me now?
Exchanges put insurance on same path as smartphones
September 2013

In Countdown to Exchanges, Consumer-Driven Health Plans Continue to Grow
August 2013

UPDATED - What’s the Score? A Health Exchange Report Card
August 2013

Circling the wagons on Pioneer ACOs: Who will stay and who will go
July 2013

Hospital relocation poised to send ripples through Birmingham’s healthcare pond
June 2013

Sifting through the noise: How the exchanges and ACOs are changing healthcare dynamics in the U.S., one market at a time
June 2013

From prairies to mountains, healthcare ecosystems going their own way
May 2013

Health insurance and reinsurance captives: Not just for the big boys anymore
April 2013

Regardless of exchange model or expansion stance, states have much work to do on Medicaid
March 2013

A new, convoluted paradigm emerges as increased consolidations lead to stricter antitrust review
February 2013

Top 10 Trends For 2013: Get ready for some healthcare sausage making
December 2012

Medicaid and Medicare still the growth drivers for managed care, but commercial market is finally holding steady
December 2012

Post-election: The road ahead for the ACA will be bumpy, but now we have some idea where we’re going
November 2012

Dissecting the twists and turns of managed care M&A
September 2012

The Affordable Care Act: a prescription for expanded PBM influence
August 2012

Ready or not: Top 5 plans best positioned for 2014 reforms
August 2012

How Healthcare Reform Will Play Out in Five Key States
August 2012

Five Markets On the Fast Track Following Supreme Court Decision on ACA
July 2012

Getting Inside the Minds of Health Plans
July 2012

Beyond the Supreme Court ruling: 5 other healthcare questions on the minds of employers
July 2012

The Importance of Thinking Locally: Tighter Budgets Demand Refined Focus from Sales and Marketing Teams
May 2012

Would an ACO by any other name smell as sweet?
April 2012

Cracking the code of specialty drugs: Managing the who, where and how of administration
April 2012

All eyes on California as healthcare reform gears up
March 2012

Top 10 trends for 2012: Managed care grows up
January 2012

Bricks, Mortar and Benefit Design in the Age of Payment Bundling
December 2011

Is Insurance Strife In NYC A Sign Of Reform Future?
November 2011

Benefits Exchanges: Put Your Money On Private Developments
November 2011

Managed Medicare 2012: Rising Stars, Drug Management And More
October 2011

What Innovative Markets Can Teach
August 2011

PBM Industry Rocks And Reels From Mega-Merger Talk
August 2011

Healthcare Reform Will Accelerate the Move to Self-Insured Products
July 2011

Health Plans in 2011: Technology, Baby Boomers and Where We Go From Here
June 2011

ACO Regulations Put Spotlight on 65 Indicators For Care Delivery
 May 2011

A Medical Home For All? Physicians And Payers Transforming Primary Care
March 2011

Top Managed Care Trends for 2011
January 2011

Healthcare Reform After the 2010 Election: Implementation Just Got a Lot Harder
November 2010

Targeting Pharmaceutical Sales Opportunity and Maximizing Resources
June 2010

Medical Homes: Reforming the Healthcare System One Primary-Care Practice at a Time
April 2010

Healthcare Reform Bill: What It Means for Managed Markets
March 2010

Changing Population Demographics and Treatment Trends Require Continuous Reprioritization of Target Markets for Sales and Marketing Teams
March 2010

Analyzing PBM & Health Plan Relationships to Strategically Target Pharmaceutical Sales Opportunities
June 2009

The Demise of the HMO May Be Exaggerated
November 2008

The Problem with Philadelphia: Breaking Up Large MSA Reveals New Trends
May 2008

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