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Unique, User-Friendly Tool Linking Payer/Provider Relationships with Data Sets Nationally  

NEW Mobile Interface | Intuitive Search | Proprietary ACO Database
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The Only Tool of Its Kind


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700 ACOs and Counting… HealthCare Network Manager includes a proprietary Accountable Care Organization (ACO) database.

Hospitals and Health Systems The facilities datasets in HealthCare Network Manager contain 7,000 hospitals and 500 health systems.

Healthcare Providers The physician dataset includes 500,000 active, office-based providers—and the physician group dataset includes 79,000 US physician groups.

One of the Nation’s Largest Repositories of Health Plan Data There are approximately 500 health plan companies and 400 Managed Care Organizations in HealthCare Network Manager.

HealthLeaders-InterStudy’s HealthCare Network Manager is the first—and only—database of its kind to map out the collaboration that exists among payers, providers and accountable care organizations (ACOs) across the United States.

Save Time. Make Smart Decisions.

In one comprehensive solution, pharmaceutical sales and marketing teams will be able to access a robust roadmap of physician, physician group, hospital, health system, ACO, health plan company and MCO affiliations.

Easily identify the interconnectedness in provider networks and affiliations to:

Scope sales and brand opportunity by target region.
Target winning pull-through initiatives.
Create more meaningful interactions and partnerships with customers.
Focus resources on key players and influencers.
Incorporate knowledge of stakeholder partnerships into strategic business planning.

Use HealthCare Network Manager’s NEW mobile-optimized interface and intuitive search to answer pressing business questions:

  • What relationships does an ACO have with physicians, hospitals and payer partners?
  • What services does a specific hospital provide? Which physicians have privileges there? What are its HCAT scores, and how does it compare to the national or market average?
  • What affiliations does a hospital or health system have with health plans?
  • Which physicians and physician groups are the best targets—and what relationships do they have with payers and ACOs? Where are they located? What is their contact information?
  • How many medical and pharmacy lives does a particular payer cover? What are the payer’s lines of business? What states does the payer serve?

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